A Nazi Word for a Nazi Thing | with So Mayer

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Join us for an illustrated talk and discussion with the fabulous So Mayer, around their recently published short book, A Nazi Word for a Nazi Thing (2020). Framed by a rare screening of Barbara Hammer’s recently restored Nitrate Kisses (1992), we’ll be discussing questions around archiving, erasure, queer/feminist politics and cinema! The format will be an illustrated talk with So, followed by a discussion moderated by Selina Robertson of Club des Femmes and open to questions and responses from the audience.

A Nazi Word… explores queer art and cinema in juxtaposition to the historical erasure enacted by the Nazis through the infamous 1937 art exhibition, Entartete ‘Kunst’ (Degenerate ‘Art’), that sought to appropriate and erase the cultural output of minorities. It’s is a lively and exhilarating critique of the power and politics of moving images – particularly in relation to the dynamics of conflict, crisis and emergency that have striking contemporary relevance – and a beautiful, speculative anarchive of queer film history.

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Resource: Check out Already Bedfellows: A Long Interview with So Mayer, by Will Forrester at Pen Transmissions.

Supported by Film Hub Scotland, part of the BFI’s Film Audience Network, and funded by Screen Scotland and National Lottery funding from the BFI.


So Mayer is the author of jacked a kaddish (Litmus, 2018), Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema (IB Tauris, 2015) and (O) (Arc, 2015). They contributed an essay in Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture, edited by Roxane Gay (Allen & Unwin, 2018) and the introduction to Spells: 21st Century Occult Poetry, edited by Sarah Shin and Rebecca Tamás (Ignota, 2018). So is a bookseller at Burley Fisher, a curator with queer feminist film collective Club des Femmes, and co-founder of Raising Films, a campaign and community for parents and carers in the film industry.

Selina Robertson set up Club des Femmes, a queer feminist film curatorial collective in 2007 with Sarah Wood. She works as a film programmer and writer. She is currently researching a PhD at Birkbeck on the cultural history of London’s feminist film exhibition practices in the 1980s.


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Director: So Mayer

Date: Friday 29 January

Time: 7.00pm