submissons draft

    Preview Format
    Online Link (eg. vimeo, youtube) (preferred)Web Transfer (eg. wetransfer, dropbox)

    Contact Information:

    • All submissions must be subtitled in English for screening purposes
    • All submissions must be in PAL format – NTSC is not accepted
    • We are unable to accept tape formats.
    • It is preferred that submissions for consideration should be sent as link previews (vimeo, youtube) or shareable transfers such as WeTransfer or Dropbox.
    • If the film is successful we request that you send A DIGITAL MASTER FILE for screening in the
    festival. We receive master file as both digital download and external harddrive/flashdrive (mac formatted).
    (n.b: Document does not cover the cost of postage for the delivery of the screenings masters to the festival but will pay for their return to the filmmakers.)

    Technical Requirements

    The preferred screening format for accepted Document submissions is digital film with the following

    .mov or .mp4 video file
    H264 compression
    10,000kbit/s target bitrate

    ACC or mp3 audio codec
    320 kbit/s
    same-as-source sample rate

    We can also accept uncompressed ProRes, and BluRay, although these are not preferred options.

    Please Note: Document Film Festival is unable to pay screening fees for submmitted films.