70 Years of Nakba | 9 Palestinian Short Films

Join us for a diverse and thought-provoking programme of 9 short films by both emerging and established Palestinian filmmakers. The first part of the programme reflects directly on the events of the Nakba (the 1948 Catastrophe) and the dream of return through animation, oral testimony and digital technology.  The second part explores contemporary experiences, through traditional documentary, docu-drama and the film essay.

Works screened:

Part One: History and exile
– House, Ahmed Saleh, 4m
– Alyasiini, Sahera Dirbas, 22m
– Your father was born 100 years ago and so was the Nakba, Razan Al Salah, 7m

Part Two: Contemporary dreams and realities
– Oslo Syndrome, Ayman Azraq, 6m
– Journey of a Sofa, Alaa Al Ali, 9m
– Twenty Handshakes for Peace, Mahdi Fleifel, 3m
– Message to Obama, Muhannad Salahat, 7m
– Interference, Anim Nayfeh, 11m
– Today they Took my Son, Farah Nabulsi, 8m

The programme will be preceded by new animated short film Sawt (Sound) by Kassem Hawal

Presented by Dr. Anandi Ramamurthy, Reader in Post-Colonial Cultures at Sheffield Hallam University

Followed by a panel discussion with Dr. Anandi Ramamurthy, Kassem Hawal, Razan Madhoon, and Jamal Awar 

The programme is curated by Creative Interruptions, an Arts and Humanities Research Council Project that aims to explore the way in which disenfranchised communities use the arts to have their voice heard.


Event: Screening

Director: Various

Date: Saturday 01 December

Time: 3.15pm

Location: Edwin Morgan Studio, Scottish Youth Theatre