After fleeing for his life, a gay refugee files for asylum in Scotland. Lacking evidence, he decides to photograph himself in the dark techno world of a queer underground scene. Based on accounts of real-life African LGBT refugees and the challenges they face during the asylum process, Crypsis is a raw depiction of a grim reality obscured by vitriolic public debate about refugees and the broken system that surrounds them.

Christopher McGill, the director of the film, is a freelance filmmaker based in Glasgow. Christopher has experience working in television, directing commissioned short films and working within the community as a filmmaker and workshop facilitator. In 2013 Christopher worked as assistant director and producer on the short documentary ‘Untold Story’ which won best factual at the Student Royal Television Society awards.

Siobhan Fahey (Producer) works with communities that are under-represented in the arts especially: women, lesbians, people of colour, wider LGBTQ communities, working class people. She unearths lost histories, and uncover untold stories. She works with academics, artists, writers, theatre creators, filmmakers to use these stories and histories to create accessible culture that takes these stories to a wider audience. In 2018 the film she co-produced MY LONELINESS IS KILLING ME was awarded a BAFTA Scotland (Best Short). She has a feature film REBEL DYKES in post-production.


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Event: Online screening

Director: Christopher McGill

Year: 2020

Country: Scotland