Glasgow Glam Rock Dialogues: 3 – Commune

The Glasgow Glam Rock Dialogues is a collaboration between David Archibald and Carl Lavery from the School of Culture and Creative Arts at the University of Glasgow. It is an attempt to “perform thinking” in front of a live audience, and mixes Brechtian techniques with a glam rock aesthetic. During the performances, our middle-aged glam rockers channel the spirits of Marc Bolan and Suzi Quatro, Karl Marx and Peter Kropotkin, to approach pressing issues facing the world today. In the Glasgow Glam Rock Dialogues, the aim is not to teach but to provoke debate, whilst sporting spandex trousers and feather boas.

Glasgow Glam Rock Dialogues: 3 – Commune is a dialogic performance which responds to the issues and themes raised in La Commune (Paris, 1871), a six-hour long film about the Paris Commune. Carl and David, two fading glam rockers trying to get their band back on the road, will explore commune as a theoretical concept, the specificities of the Paris Commune and its lessons and afterlives, the role or radical art and culture, and then think through what communism might mean in a twenty-first century context.

This event is free but ticketed.


Event: Performance

Date: Saturday 22 October

Time: 6.30pm

Location: CCA Creative Lab