Across the water on the island, four individuals experience the end of life. Showing rarely seen and intensely private events, the film follows the progression of illness for each character and, for one, the last days and hours of life, the moment of death, and after death care. A lyrical, slow cinema description of the temporality and phenomena of dying, this film sensitively witnesses the transition away from personhood.

This is a palliative island, the Isle of Wight, an enigmatic landscape where all around rituals persist. In the hospital pathology lab, microscopic close-ups of cancer show the interior of the bodies, our biology, our creatureliness. Death is presented as natural and everyday but also unspeakable and strange.

Director Steven Eastwood will take part in a post-screening discussion on issues raised by the film via Skype.

Presented in partnership with The ALLIANCE; Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief; Health and Social Care Academy; Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care.


Event: Screening

Director: Steven Eastwood

Year: 2017

Country: UK

Date: Friday 30 November

Time: 11.00am

Location: Edwin Morgan Studio, Scottish Youth Theatre