Only My Voice

In transit through Athens, four women from the Middle East share their stories. They all left their countries at different times in their life and for different reasons. In this ode to freedom, their stories of up-rootedness will gradually echo each other; resonating, contradicting and interacting with the city of Athens.

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Myriam Rey won the Inspiration award in 2015 from the Arts and Humanities Research Council film awards in London for her first short documentary called This island’s mine. She then filmed and directed a short film for the Institute of Neuroscience in London funded by the University College London in 2016. Her most recent documentary, Only my voice, was selected for the Bridging the Gap scheme organised by the Scottish Documentary Institute. This film was funded by Creative England and produced by Banyak Films. It premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June 2017 and won awards at Sunderland International Film Festival and Nova Frontier Film Festival.

Read an interview with the director here.


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Event: Online screening

Director: Myriam Rey

Year: 2017

Country: United Kingdom