Radio Kobani

For Document 2017, we have a series of special features screening in venues outside of the city centre – with multi-award winning documentaries including Reber Dosky’s Radio Kobani.

Dilovan, a 20 year old Kurdish woman, sets up a radio station in the devastated town of Kobanî, Syria, during the liberation fight against IS. Dilovan’s programs in which she interviews survivors, returning refugees, fighters and poets, bring a sense of belonging to the broken lives of the listeners who need to rebuild the city and their future. Dilovan tells her own story in a message to the child she may have one day. Shot over a period of three years during war and reconstruction in Kobanî, Radio Kobani is a bitter, intimate and poetic tale of trauma’s, healing, hope and love.

This event is free but ticketed

Supported by Film Hub Scotland, part of BFI‘s Film Audience Network.


Event: Film

Director: Reber Dosky

Year: 2016

Country: Netherlands

Date: Thursday 05 October

Time: 7.30pm

Location: Kinning Park Complex