Room for Improvement

A film made collaboratively by women from the Asylum Seeker Housing Project (ASH) and Camcorder Guerillas.

Camcorder Guerrillas is a Glasgow community-based, voluntary collective of professional filmmakers, artists and activists, working together to make and showcase documentaries for those concerned with human rights, welfare and social justice initiatives.

Community InfoSource has developed the Asylum Seeker Housing Project to help asylum seekers in Scotland report housing repairs and issues. We also help follow up with them when repairs are not completed, or have not been done properly.

The Asylum Seeker Housing Project was set up to make a real difference to the housing situation of people supported by the Home Office accommodation and support contract in Scotland and to carry out housing research on these issues. Alongside the ASH Project, Women Asylum Seeker Housing Project was also developed. ​Together they are called W-ASH.


Join the campaign to #StopLockChangeEvictions.

If you are in Glasgow, join the No Evictions Network, a grassroots campaign formed to fight evictions from asylum accommodation, with organised neighbourhood teams and regular actions (Find out more on the Scottish Refugee Council website).

You can also consider donating to Community InfoSource to support their work with asylum seekers in several key areas such as: travel for destitute asylum seekers, interpreting expenses or childcare costs.


Event: Online screening

Director: Asylum Seeker Housing Project & Camcorder Guerillas.

Year: 2017

Country: Scotland