Silence is a Falling Body

Augustina Comedi weaves together a complex and moving portrait of her late father Jaime, constructed from more than 100 hours of videotape he recorded as a hobby prior to his untimely death. It seemed as though he recorded everything, although he left only small clues as to the man he was before marrying her mother and the secrets he kept with him.

Interviews with those who knew him reveal fragments of a youth filled with political activism, joyful friendships, and sexuality that never fully bloomed in the repressive social climate of 1980’s Argentina. With equal marriage being introduced in the country in 2010, Comedi’s film is at once a love letter to her father, and also profound thank you to those who sacrificed so much for the freedoms of the next generation.

Presented in partnership with Scottish Queer International Film Festival.


Event: Screening

Director: Agustina Comedi

Year: 2017

Country: Argentina

Date: Friday 30 November

Time: 1.45pm

Location: Gold Room, Scottish Youth Theatre