The Sun Quartet

How do forty-three students vanish into thin air? Produced by an anonymous Mexican collective, The Sun Quartet is an experimental, at times psychedelic protest-poem addressing the legacy of the 2014 disappearance of forty-three students in Iguala, Guerrero. Across four visually striking and emotionally potent short films, the collective radically depart from the grammar of mainstream film and television, which, along with the obfuscation of the state, police and military continues to fail victims of violent crime in Mexico. The Sun Quartet finds them instead reaching towards a more authentic language capable of articulating the trauma at the heart of the national psyche.

The whereabouts of the disappeared students remain unknown, and their status as ‘disappeared’ persists to this day.

Please note that the film is composed largely of overlaid moving images that at times create a strobe-like effect. 


Event: Screening

Director: Colectivo Los ingrávidos

Year: 2017

Country: Mexico

Date: Sunday 02 December

Time: 7.45pm

Location: Edwin Morgan Studio, Scottish Youth Theatre