Three by Ateyyat El Abnoudy

Three early works from the legendary Ateyyat El Abnoudy, perhaps the finest exponent of documentary filmmaking in Egyptian history. Nicknamed ‘the poor people’s filmmaker”, her films focus on the social and economic issues of the Egyptian, Arab and African underclasses, and especially those of women – choices which limited her popular appeal for many years and frequently invited the displeasure of Arab governments. However, her artistry is universally applauded and these works in particular remain beautiful and poignant examples of her ability to articulate both the struggle and the vibrancy of Cairo’s urban landscape.

We present these works as an interrupted screening, pausing between the films to discuss their form and content. Speakers are Sara Shaarawi and Dr. Stefanie Van De Peer.

Works Screened:

  • Horse of Mud  – Egypt, 1971, 12m
  • Sad Song of Touha – Egypt, 1972, 12m
  • The Sandwich – Egypt, 1975, 12m

The screening will be followed by, Permissible Documentaries: The Non-Fiction Poetics of Ateyyat El Abnoudy – at 13:30 – an illustrated talk further exploring El Abnoudy’s socialist poetics and political aesthetics and discuss how she has given shape to Egypt’s documentary tradition.

Presented by Dr Stefanie Van De Peer, Research Fellow at the University of Exeter

Supported by Film Hub Scotland


Event: Screening

Director: Ateyyat El Abnoudy

Year: 1971 - 1975

Country: Egypt

Date: Saturday 01 December

Time: 12.00pm

Location: Edwin Morgan Studio, Scottish Youth Theatre