To See You Again

Lina, Angy and Edith, mothers and family members of disappeared loved ones, participate in the exhumation of more than 200 bodies buried in secret by the Morelos Attorney General during a failed war against organized crime. Amidst deafening silence from the authorities, they set about self-training in forensics, cataloguing the bodies of the disappeared in the hope of identifying them for their loved ones and providing a small measure of peace.

Through the voices and actions of these remarkable women, Peredes has crafted a potent and moving film that mourns a nation where ordinary citizens take on the burden of pain and trauma in the face of the complicity and impunity of state power.  

Presented in partnership with Femspectives.

Spanish with English subtitles

Watch the pre-recorded Q&A with Carolina Corral Paredes and Mo Hume below.



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Event: Screenings

Director: Carolina Corral Paredes

Year: 2020

Country: Mexico