QMU Audience Research Project – get involved!

Have you attended an event or film screening at Document Film Festival in the past year? Tell us about it in return for free tickets for next year’s festival! A team based at Queen Margaret University would like to invite you to a focus group to share your experiences attending Document films and events online.

The focus group will give you a chance to talk to other audience members and share your experiences attending film festivals online. We are particularly interested in how people have been able to connect with their communities around and during film festivals during the pandemic. We are also interested in how people’s attendance at film festivals since the pandemic has changed.

The focus groups will be held over Zoom and they will involve between 3 and 6 people. They will last an hour and all access requirements will be met.

This research is being used to help film festivals across Scotland move forward during and after the pandemic.

Register for a focus group here!


Posted: 21 June 2021