Bottled Songs

Bottled Songs is an ongoing media project depicting strategies for making sense of online terrorist propaganda and it’s viral circulation in the contemporary mediascape. Filmmakers and media researchers Chloé Galibert-Laîné and Kevin B. Lee compose letters addressed to each other, narrating their encounters with videos originating from the terrorist group the Islamic State (ISIS). They use a desktop documentary approach to trace and record their investigations playing directly upon their computer screens. 

The wider project takes multiple forms: a multi-part episodic series, multiple two-channel installations, a feature length film, and audiovisual performance lectures – exploring the volatile and mutational nature of contemporary terrorism across medias, and the network of intersubjective desires perpetually (mis)perceived, (mis)understood, commented, shared, re-purposed and re-contextualized. 

The first phase of the project consists of four short films, each taking the form of a desktop epistolary composed by one researcher addressed to the other.

Bottled Songs 1: The Observer / 18m

Bottled Songs 2: Looking Into the Flames / 18m

Bottled Songs 3: My Crush Was a Superstar / 12m

Bottled Songs 4: The Spokesman | 12m              

Viewers are invited to write letters to Chloé and Kevin, or to others brought to mind by Bottled Songs, to process and share their reflections on what they’ve seen. Please see further information about this in their programme notes.

Presented in partnership with Scottish Documentary Institute.

Content Warning: Please be advised that this screening includes images of victims of violence and depicts experiences of trauma related to terrorist media.


  • Bottled Songs – project synopsis from
  • Bottled Songs – an Interview with Chloé Galibert-Laîné and Kevin B. Lee


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Event: Screenings

Director: Chloé Galibert-Laîné and Kevin B. Lee

Year: 2020

Country: Germany, France, USA