Critical Forum: Human Rights Film Festivals – Resilience, Solidarity and Creativity during Covid19

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Almost a year since the pandemic became a global reality, the landscape of film festivals looks very different, with online screenings, virtual meeting rooms and many aspects threatening their survival. Human rights film festivals have been some of the most severely affected festivals because of the volatile political contexts in which they operate, the inability to reach out to the most vulnerable communities and the increasingly shrinking resources. Despite these struggles, many of these festivals have adapted, while cultivating solidarity and resilience among each other and with the film industry. 

This year’s Critical Forum focuses on how the pandemic affected human rights film festivals and independent filmmakers, how they found new ways of operating and reaching out to audiences. 

Guests: Giulia Grassilli (Researcher at University of Sussex, UK, lecturer at University of Bologna, Italy and Festival Director of Human Rights Nights, Bologna), Manu Sobral (Entretodos Human Rights Film Festival) and Magali Rocha (Producer To See You Again, Amate Films). 

Featured image: Human Rights Film Network festival members during the Annual Meeting 2020, on Zoom. Source Facebook.

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Date: Saturday 30 January

Time: 3.00pm