George Amponsah and Dionne Walker Masterclass

Document is proud to host the latest in a series of masterclasses presented by Scottish Documentary Institute, allowing audiences to learn from world-class filmmakers as they discuss their practice. This year, we’re joined by George Amponsah and Dionne Walker, director and producer of acclaimed British film The Hard Stop – a cinematic, hybrid documentary that explores the complicated intersections of race and class that underpin the still-unresolved killing of Mark Duggan in 2011.

“At least a third of The Hard Stop is shot with a Z1 camcorder that still used tape,” Amponsah explains. “It taught me that all you have to have is a bit of heart and belief in what you’re doing and to just get to it.”


Event: Masterclass

Date: Saturday 22 October

Time: 5.00pm

Location: CCA Clubroom