Kime Ani (audio documentary)

Thursday 24 – Sunday 27 October
All Day

Kime Ani, in the Tahltan language, means ‘home coming’ or ‘let’s go home’. It is a seven-part electronic work, sampling audio from recordings of three generations of artist Edzi’u’s matriarchs and grandmothers’ stories, recorded as early as 2017 and as late as 30 years ago. Edzi’u’s songs are vessels of history, tradition, and adaptation; a record of Indigenous experience through a contemporary Indigenous lens.

Edzi’u is a mixed race Tahltan and inland Tlingit artist, songwriter and composer. Her songs are an incarnation of her family’s ancient tradition of storytelling, realized by designing sound through vintage and current audio recordings, electronic instruments and the voice.

Kime Ani will be free to listen to throughout the festival weekend at sound stations.


Event: Audio

Director: Edzi'u

Year: 2018

Country: Canada

Location: CCA Foyer