No One is Illegal: Three Shorts presented with GRAMNet

BUNKERS (Anne-Claire Adet | France/Switzerland | 2016 | 14m)

A Sudanese journalist has found himself living in cramped dorms with dozens of people, three floors underground. Cockroaches crawl the yellow walls and oxygen is sparse. Switzerland is putting refugees in bunkers. Through the story of Mohammad and images taken by refugees using their mobile phone, live a sensorial immersion into the suffocating life of an underground shelter where asylum-seekers are crammed into upon their arrival in Geneva.

Stateless on Lesvos (Guy Smallman | UK | 2015 | 26m)

Shot over three days on the Greek island now famous for receiving hundreds of thousands of refugees from Turkey. Filmmaker Guy Smallman concentrated not on the refugees themselves but on the incredible dedication and humanity of the Greek and international volunteers assisting the most vulnerable people on the planet as they attempt to reach a place of safety.

Transit Zone (Frederik Subei | UK | 2015 | 32m)

After spending three months living with the refugees in ‘the jungle’, the makeshift camps of Calais, Frederik Subei presents us with the story of Teefa, A Sudanese refugee looking to cross to UK.  Life is not easy with limited access to water, food and shelter, especially during the winter. Nevertheless the sense of community is remarkable. Teefa is determined to fulfil his dream and start a new life in England. But sneaking onto a lorry is difficult and only a few people are lucky enough to succeed. Teefa has been stuck in the jungle for almost six months and is tired of this life. As all camps are evicted by the police, he starts to question the greatness of Britain and thinks about applying for asylum in France.


Event: Screening

Director: Various

Date: Sunday 23 October

Time: 2.15pm

Location: CCA Cinema