Paul Maheke: Decolonial Love, Eventually? (Workshop)

With supporting material, this group session aims to tackle the influence of Western privilege on desire and the power dynamics of love relationships – particularly those involving partners of different ethnicities and social backgrounds. An opportunity to ask if love/desire can evade exclusion and in turn offer the possibility to re-engineer our conflicting selves by generating (new) (messier) narratives…

In the form of an open forum, participants will be invited to share experiences and discuss desire through the lens of identity politics to question what makes Western privilege attractive.

Please note the workshop will centre on QTIPOC perspectives.

With respect to their personal experiences, participants must be aware that some of the content and questions raised during the session may be triggering for them.


Event: Workshop

Date: Sunday 23 October

Time: 1.30pm

Location: CCA Clubroom