Shorts Programme: Saturday

This year’s shorts programme demonstrates a huge amount of innovative style, untold stories, new insight – always in an impressively short space of time.

All of our shorts are free and unticketed

Children of War: A Human Rights Anthology

Various | Various | 2017 | 10m

Sat 13:00, Intermedia

In 2017, Oscar-winning director Terry George (Hotel Rwanda) challenged filmmakers across the world to tell a human rights story important to them. There were two conditions: the film had to be 60 seconds and it could have no dialogue. Creative Armenia has anthologised a few of these visions in this short film about the effects of war on children across the world.

The Girls Club

Stefania Donaera | Italy | 2017 | 35m

Sat 14:00, Intermedia

Every Saturday, around 60 children gather at the primary school of Chicunguluine, in Mozambique. They dance, sing, play and enjoy together. Moreover they learn to express their opinion, take decisions and defend themselves, in case of any untoward situation.


Berber Verpoest | Belgium | 2017 | 24m

Sat 15:00, Intermedia

Muna Alkurd (18) is forced to share half of her house with Israeli settlers. Nayef Abassi (26) can’t get a building permit for his house and his animals’ barn has been demolished. The pressure of the occupation is very present for both young Palestinians. Yet they feel at home in East Jerusalem and they are trying to build a future for themselves in the city where they were born. They have similar ambitions as their peers elsewhere in the world, but when all policies are aimed at getting you out of the city, building a future in East Jerusalem becomes an act of resistance.

There are No Syrian Refugees in Turkey

Oliver Ressler | Austria, Turkey | 2016 | 30m

Sat 16:00, Intermedia

Refugees attempting to enter the European Union play a specific role in the relation between the EU and Turkey. The EU border regime is responsible for tens of thousands of drownings in the Mediterranean, while Turkey has opened its borders to nearly three million refugees, more than all EU states combined. The film channels voices of Syrian refugees who preferred not to seek a way into the EU, choosing to continue their lives in Istanbul instead. The Syrians describe their life as “guests” in the continent’s largest metropolis. One thing they discuss at length is the difficulty of making a living in Istanbul. Another is the reluctance of the EU to admit more than a pitiful number of refugees. Quietly reversing the entire perspective of the “refugee debate”, the film develops a political analysis of Turkish and European politics from the standpoint of Syrian refugees.

Paper, Horses, and Birds

Zoran Tairovic | Serbia | 2017 | 30m

Sat 17:00, Intermedia

The documentary Paper, Horse and Birds follows a day in the life of a Roma family, who collect secondary raw materials and live in Niš. The film follows their activities – collection and division of scrap metal and waste paper, a family lunch and their everyday discussions, which helps us to understand how they make ends meet and what their hardships are. Despite the de facto difficult financial situation, we see a complex family with solidarity and warm interpersonal relations.


Event: Film

Date: Saturday 21 October

Time: 1.00pm

Location: CCA Intermedia Gallery