Truambi: Land, Memory and Indigeneity

Indigenous filmmakers craft complex productions engaging with ideas around belonging, identity and territoriality. This programme of short film productions, all directed by Indigenous artists, offers a glimpse of the diversity of contemporary Latin American Indigenous film, exercising the right to self-representation and projecting narratives of migration, cultural memory, and environmental knowledge.  The programme takes its name from a thirty-minute documentary featured in the programme, directed by Embera filmmaker Mileidy Orozco Domicó. Truambi, lullaby in English, captures the initiation of a young girl into the homeland of her mother and her extended family. By way of the journey and the young child’s contact with nature and her relatives, the film invites us to question the categories and characteristics associated with indigeneity.

Viewed together, these works initiate a reflection on the thorny constitution of Indigenous film as a category, demonstrating a wide range of experiences and drawing attention to the power of audiovisual storytelling to unsettle dominant colonial narratives of indigeneity.

Join us for this exciting Latin American programme and see for yourselves the vitality of new cinematic languages from the region.


Curated by Dr Charlotte Gleghorn, Lecturer in Latin American Film Studies, Edinburgh University & followed by a conversation with filmmaker and screenwriter Armando Bautista. 


Event: Film

Director: Various

Date: Sunday 27 October

Time: 3.15pm

Location: CCA Theatre